Easy grammar worksheet

You can learn grammar faster and make fewer mistakes. 

You only need to know the right approach.

Let me guess, when studying textbook grammar, you understand everything. 

But you make the same mistakes over and over again in conversations.

Grammar is hard. But there is an easy way to learn grammar more effectively and reduce your mistakes.

Let me introduce the worksheet you that can help you with this: The Easy Grammar Worksheet.


Grammar is more than only learning textbook grammar and making exercises.

You need to make sentences and see what you learn in a context. The more sentences you make, the faster you will remember what you learn. 

There are four types of sentences you can make to learn grammar: 

  • Sentences about topics you frequently talk 
  • A paragraph of text where you incorporate the grammar rule 
  • Sentences with mnemonics (memory aids)
  • Citations of phrases you’ve heard/read 

You prepare yourself for a conversation with native speakers with fewer mistakes by learning grammar in this way. 

The Easy Grammar Worksheet combines all of this and is specially designed to help you

Take a look inside…

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  • How to learn grammar? Use the easy grammar worksheet

All the benefits summarized 

  • Teach yourself four powerful and incredibly simple steps to make sentences and remember grammar faster
  • Look for sentences in context to recognize how grammar is used by native speakers
  • Avoid overwhelm and focus on one topic a time
  • Use it as an addition to your current grammar resources
  • Print and reuse it. It’s free.

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