Pronunciation Worksheet

You can improve your pronunciation and sound like native speakers. 

You only need to set the right steps.

Let me guess…

You’ve probably learned your target language without audio and now you struggle with the correct pronunciation. 

When you ask native speakers for feedback, they tell you that your pronunciation is okay and that they can understand you. “That’s the most important part,” they say.

But you feel insecure and want to improve the way you speak.

Or you just love your target language so much that you want to lose your foreign accent and act like a local when you go on a holiday. Well, that’s one of my ambitious goals in Spanish.

In any case, you want to improve your pronunciation and ask yourself several questions.

Where can you start? How can you practice? Which steps should you take?

Native speakers are right. It’s important to focus on being able to communicate first. However, working on your pronunciation is not a wrong choice. 

Let me introduce the worksheet you that can help set the right steps to improve your pronunciation.

Improve your pronunciation with this worksheet on Polyglot's Diary

Step by step you’ll reach your goal.

Improving your pronunciation isn’t impossible. It’s hard, requires discipline, and consistent practice. You’ll get there with a good plan that includes small steps and when you evaluate yourself regularly.

Here are some of the steps you’ll need to take: 

  • Ask people who don’t know you for feedback and make a list of everything that you pronounce wrong
  • Break the sounds down into groups and focus on one group a time
  • Improving your pronunciation requires practice. Describe which steps you want to take and how you want to practice
  • Make a list of resources you want to use 
  • Make a plan for your weekly activities and describe which resources you want to use when and how you want to use them.  

Those steps may seem too much. Don’t worry. You don’t have to think about what to do next with the Step-by-Step Pronunciation improvement plan.

The Step-by-Step pronunciation worksheet includes all of the crucial steps to improve your pronunciation

Take a look inside…

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  • How to Improve Your Pronunciation? Learn to do it with a Step-by-Step Worksheet on Polyglot's Diary
  • How to Improve Your Pronunciation? Learn to do it with a Step-by-Step Worksheet on Polyglot's Diary
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All the benefits summarized 

  • With small but achievable steps you’ll be guided towards your goal
  • Prepare yourself beforehand by asking native speakers for feedback 
  • List your resources before you start 
  • Plan your week
  • Evaluate and repeat!
  • Print and reuse it. It’s free.

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